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皇室宝宝降生:各界反映 Royal Baby:Reactions

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Buckingham Palace 白金汉宫

"The Queen and Prince Philip are delighted at the news of the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's baby."



Duke of Cambridge 剑桥公爵

"We could not be happier."



Prince Charles 查尔斯王子

"Both my wife and I are overjoyed at the arrival of my first grandchild. It is an incredibly special moment for William and Catherine and we are so thrilled for them on the birth of their baby boy.


"Grandparenthood is a unique moment in anyone's life, as countless kind people have told me in recent months, so I am enormously proud and happy to be a grandfather for the first time and we are eagerly looking forward to seeing the baby in the near future.''



Prime Minister David Cameron 英国首相卡梅伦

"It is wonderful news from St Mary's Paddington, and I am sure right across the country and right across the Commonwealth people will be celebrating and wishing the royal couple well. It is an important moment in the life of our nation, but I suppose above all it is an important moment for a warm and loving couple who have got a brand new baby boy.


"It has been a remarkable few years for our Royal Family. A Royal wedding that captured peoples' hearts. That extraordinary and magnificent jubilee and now this royal birth, all from a family that have given this nation so much incredible service. And they can know that a proud nation is celebrating with a very proud and happy couple tonight."



Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg 副首相尼克•克莱格

"Miriam and I want to congratulate The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of their son. This is wonderful news which will make the whole country smile.


"The arrival of a first child is a very special time and we send our very best wishes to The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge - and indeed to all couples who have become proud parents on this very special day."



London Mayor Boris Johnson 伦敦市长鲍里斯•约翰逊

"Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on their new arrival."



Archbishop of York约克大主教

Today we give thanks and praise to Almighty God for the arrival of the Royal baby boy. I send my warmest congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and also my prayers for them at this wonderful time.


"It is marvellous that we share in the joy and hope of a new born child, which is a great gift of our loving creator God. Katonda Yebazibwe: God be praised."



Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd 澳大利亚总理陆克文

"I think all Australians at the bottom of their hearts wish the royal bub all the best, and certainly wish the new parents all the best as well. This is a day of great joy.


"To Prince Charles and Camilla, they have the delight of being grandparents, all I can say is, this is probably one of the best experiences of your life. And I'm sure they're going to have a wonderful time with the royal baby. And her Majesty the Queen and to the Duke of Edinburgh, the special delight of a great-grandchild. So, on behalf of all Australians, we wish the family all the best at this wonderful time of celebration."



Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper 加拿大总理史蒂芬•哈珀

The arrival of the newest member of the Royal Family, a future sovereign of Canada, is a highly-anticipated moment for Canadians given the special and warm relationship that we share with our Royal Family. This new beginning reminds us of the remarkable and enduring relationship our country has enjoyed with generations of the Royal Family."



US President Barack Obama 美国总统巴拉克•奥巴马

"Michelle and I are so pleased to congratulate the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the joyous occasion of the birth of their first child.


"We wish them all the happiness and blessings parenthood brings. The child enters the world at a time of promise and opportunity for our two nations.


"Given the special relationship between us, the American people are pleased to join with the people of the United Kingdom as they celebrate the birth of the young prince."